Release of VPL 1.3

The VPL development team is proud to announce the public release of VPL 1.3, the third stable version of VPL. This new release adds some improve and fixes errors.

  • Added a new type of activity "example" used to show programs running.
  • Files from "Requested files" and "Execution files" can be downloaded as a ZIP file.
  • It uses the new 1.0.3 ACodeEditor version that adds a workaround for a Java 6.0_22 error.
  • Added Ubuntu support for the jail system (scripts to install and service)
  • Fixed Jail system connectivity error that avoid interactive execution if the server is behind a NAT

This version is backward compatible with VPL versions 1.x < 1.3. The upgrade from older version adds a new field to the database. It is recommended to upgrade to this new version.