Release of VPL 1.4.5

The VPL development team is proud to announce the public release of VPL 1.4.5, the last version of VPL for Moodle 1.9. This version incorporates a few new features and fixes some minors errors of VPL 1.4. In the future, only important bugs will be fixed for this VPL branch. We recommend upgrading to VPL for Moodle 2.

The new features of VPL 1.4.5 are:

  • Has been added group work. To set an activity as "group work" you must select a grouping, separate groups and Available for group members only .Every group has a shared repository of submissions, any group member can submit a new version and all members of a group will get the same evaluation. This feature only works with groupings.
  • It is possible to run a batch evaluation of submissions (at "submissions list")
  • At global module setting has been added options to set default resource limits. When an activity don't set a resource limit the default value will be used
  • Reports of statistics of submissions (at "submissions list")
  • The index of VPL activities now shows the number of submissions and submissions not evaluated.
  • Translations to Catalan and Japanese, thanks to Antonio Piedras Morente and Imaizumi Takashi, respectively

This version is backward compatible with previous VPL versions.