Release of VPL execution server 2.2.0

VPL execution server is the companion of VPL for Moodle, the plugin of Moodle that handle computer programming activities.

The new version 2.2.0 came with new features and improves or fix others. The main changes are:

  • Improves the installation process: checking the installation of each package, adds support for Ubuntu 16.4 LTS and fixes bug in the customization of the SSL certificate.
  • Improves the clone of the /etc directory by allowing new configuration files. This will resolve issues of the execution of some software in the jail.
  • Improves the firewall configuration. The rules of iptables has been changes to better fulfill its task.
  • Fixes problems restarting the service after a configuration change. Now it stop the service using the configuration used in the start process.
  • It has been added a new parameter "ENVPATH" that allow to set the value of the PATH environment variable to be used in the jail. This parameter removes problems with software that need a different PATH. By default, the jail system uses the value of the PATH of the root user. Also it is needed in OSes, like RedHat and related, where common users use a different PATH that root user. If you are using this type of OS you must take the value of the PATH enviroment variable of a common user (echo $PATH) and copy it here.
  • It has been fixed an uncommon situation in the SSL handshake.

This is the version to be used in all new installations of the VPL execution server (jail server). Also if you are having issues with your current execution server installation, it is recommended to upgrade to this new version.