How to configure the VPL 1.0 module - Activity configuration

Activity configuration

Basic Configuration

Each activity must have a name that will identify it from the rest. You should write a short description of the task. This description appears in the lists of tasks VPL. You can limit the submission period and it is possible to set the date from where you can access the task description. If you turn off the period, the task will be available continuously. It is necessary to establish a maximum number of submitted files and limit the maximum size of each file, if you don't set the limit the general module setting will be used.

It is possible to limit access to see activity description, editing and uploading files to a set of networks. Access can also be protected with a key or a combination of key and networks.

Full description

The full description allows for a more detailed description of the task. If not set, the short description will be used in place.

Required Files

You can set the names of the files to be submitted. The files named are mandatory. The rest are up to the maximum number are optional. It is possible to establish an initial content for the files. The initial content will be used when you first enter the editor.