How to configure the VPL 1.0 module - Execution settings

Execution settings

You can write scripts to run or evaluate the submissions. The scripts must be designed to generate a program or script that is called "vpl_execution". The script execution phase is called compilation because the task is carried out normally. In addition to the "scripts", we can add the files necessary to perform the required action.


The script to prepare the execution is called "". After running the script, if the file "vpl_execution" exist the execution is transferred to it, in any case, the compilation output is returned to the server. The "vpl_execution" input/output is redirected to a console in your browser.


The script to prepare the evaluation is called "". After running the script, if the file "vpl_execution" exist the execution is transferred to it by capturing its output. When finished, the output of the compilation and evaluation are returned to the server.

The server processes the evaluation script output. The assessment proposal will be taken from a line that starts with "Grade :=>>". The grade is taken from the rest of the line as in:

Grade :=>> A

The evaluation comments are taken from lines that start with "Comment :=>>". The comments are the rest of the line as in:

Comment :=>> Text

It is also possible set comments using start/end tags. The final tag is "--|>" and start one is "<|--". Each tag must be on one line, without other text.

Within the comments, you may indicate a title or preformatted text. The titles are lines that begin with "-", preformatted text start with ">".

Options of execution

You can set the scripts that the students can run from the editor. It is possible to run the evaluation scripts when the activity is just submitted. The scripts and files can be based on scripts and files from another VPL instance, which allows for a common configuration for multiple instances. The files, taken from the another instance, can be replaced and code can be added to the scripts..

Resource limits

As in the general settings you can set the limits of the resources used, but only applicable to this activity.

Keeping files during the execution

For security reasons all files involved in the compilation phase, except those submitted by the students are removed before run "vpl_execution". You must indicate if you want a file is not deleted before the execution.